The Creative Writing Club

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The Rocky Hill High School Creative Writing Club
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This is the official LiveJournal community of the Rocky Hill High School Creative Writing Club. This community was created in an attempt to get the club and students at Rocky Hill High School to collaborate outside of school. This community has open membership and open posting, which means that anyone can join and anyone can post. To join this community, scroll up to the top of the page and click the link.

Please make sure to check out our forum and look out for our fundraisers and activities at school!


1. Please be respectful of all users. No LiveJournal wars. We're too old for that. As of now, this community is censorship free, but please be mindful of subject matter that might offend other readers.

2. Please, feel free to post anything you've written. Scripts, poems, short stories, etc. If the material you are posting takes up more than the window. Please use a LiveJournal cut. To do so, use this format: [lj-cut text="WHAT YOU WANT THE LINK TO SAY"]STORY OR PLAY OR POEM GOES HERE[/lj-cut]. Replace all [ with < and replace all ] with >. Wherever you see capital letters, enter your own information. Paste your material where it says "STORY OR PLAY OR POEM GOES HERE.

3. Feel free to post information related to writing, such as book releases, readings, or the making of a movie based on a book.

4. Please feel free to leave comments or constructive criticism on posts using the comment links. (NOTE: IP addresses are logged on all comments).

5. Please post as often as possible and invite your friends to join!

6. When you join the community, please make a post introducing yourself.

This community is maintained by scabooter. Please contact with any questions, comments, or suggestions. And if you need help getting started, don't be shy!