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The Creative Writing Club [entries|friends|calendar]
The Rocky Hill High School Creative Writing Club

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Disappointment and regret collide. [08 Jan 2006|01:30am]

[ mood | tired ]

Well, I agree with Penelope that it is obviously quite dead in
here...so I'll put in my little rant/paper for Fortier. Just a free
write...tell me where you think I should go with it:

I'm feeling acoustical.Collapse )

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poem [07 Jan 2006|10:24pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

ok it kind of seems to have died here so I'll post something I suppose. this is a poem I wrote a month or so ago about the janitor at the place I work. he intrigued me, so here he is. it originally had no actual punctuation so I kind of stuck some in. I dunno. tell me things.

[untitled]Collapse )

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[18 Dec 2005|08:19pm]

I got so excited about posting some writing that I forgot to post introducing myself. Silly me.

I'm Rachel for those of you who don't know.

I went to Creative Writing Club for the first time last week. It was pretty fun, I must admit. I write when I want to. Or when I need to get something off of my chest. I get self-conscious of my writing sometimes. Which is a habit that I want to get out of. Because you should never be ashamed of the way you feel. Afterall what is creative writing besides an expression of the way you feel?

I drum at the academy and I'm proud of it. So I express myself through music as well as writing. Which means that you'll be seeing a lot of half-written songs on here. I may not be able to post that often. Seeing as how I don't have much time. But I'll try to post something when I get the chance.

Thank you very much for listening. Critique me.
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Perfect Morning Poem [17 Dec 2005|08:26pm]

Here's a poem that I worked on today. Personally, I think it's rather crappy. Then again, I think most of my writing is bad because I don't like to think of stuff I make as really good cuz then I'll turn into some anal-retentive psycho that needs everything to be awesomelly perfect and nothing will be good enough for my standards. Yeah, so I'll finish my ranting now and here's the poem. (sorry, for some reason, it's not going into lines like I want it to. Shows how much I know about this stuff.)


Perfect Morning PoemCollapse )
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[17 Dec 2005|07:46pm]

[ mood | No more cookies. ]

I am writing because I feel like getting something out of me.  I don't know what...so I'm just writing without a cause.  A rebel among creative writers, trying so hard to feign life, likeness and poetry.  Metaphors come so easy when you're locked in a closet.  Haiku and cliche rhyme with self-serving mafia.  Welcome to my day out.  A field day, if you will, all about me.  My favorite color is green.  My eyes are blue.  My hair is brown.  I slave day and night over a stiff self-indiced state of apathy.  And I hope that maybe, just maybe, it won't wear out.  I know I won't wear out.  I've got my time to be exactly what I hate being.

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I'm finally here! [17 Dec 2005|05:57pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Hello everyone! This is Matt. I finally joined; I know Penelope must be esctatic that I joined Livejournal after pushing me to do this for like months it seems. Well, yeah, I'm here. Nothing much more exciting for me to say.

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Opening up my heart shakra. [16 Dec 2005|10:32pm]

[ mood | sick ]

Guided meditation free write.Collapse )

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[10 Dec 2005|11:10pm]

[ mood | cold ]

Mah poems?!Collapse )

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[10 Dec 2005|05:54pm]

yeah, i'm steph but most people know me as bunny.
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[10 Dec 2005|04:21pm]

I'm-a-workin' on a song. The lyrics I have so far.
(2 verses)
Don't romanticize our days
For what is or what should be
Romance is to love
But this love is necessity

You only need beginnings
And I still need an end
Things only seem so perfect
When they cease to exist
(no chorus yet)
(And a bridge)
Impress me with a memory clear
I'll take your hazy nostalgia
This factual lust isn't new
I wish you'd find what your after

Blargh. I can't write. I'm the new kid...be gentle.
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poem [09 Dec 2005|03:39pm]

[ mood | devious ]

This is a poem I wrote last year. I don't like the reference to God; actually, I don't like the 3rd and 4th lines at all. tell me what you think.

SunCollapse )

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[09 Dec 2005|12:53am]

I will NOT let this community die.
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This is a poem I wrote a while ago.. [27 Nov 2005|08:19pm]
[ mood | curious ]

The punctuation is horrible I wasn't thinking about that while I wrote it so don't worry about that part.

How can one succeed,
When all there is to see
Is a world of shards
How can one even bear
That emotions have become
Just a sick silly game of cards.
While there’s a crying plea
From a ditch in the dust
And no one cares to even look inside.

How can this be possible
When the good turns away
How can this even come to pass?
Where can one try to start
When everything just drives itself
The world around is denying itself
Like a sheet of opaque glass

The skies above show the signs
They lose their color,
Seas don’t shine
Mountains hide
And rivers slow
And most of us who don’t show already seem to know.

The world around can’t just hide
So we all just should best decide
One can’t sweep it under the rug
Because then how are we supposed to
Walk on the top of decay

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oh look, I have a piece of shit for you to read [26 Nov 2005|09:49pm]

and I know you're excited.

ok, here is a poem that I wrote last year. I haven't really written anything this year. well, I haven't written anything that isn't completely terrible.

this is okay I suppose, but I'll let you decide that. I don't like the punctuation, so please tell me what you think of it and how I could perhaps tweak it. it is small. here it is.

Before the StormCollapse )
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First [20 Nov 2005|07:42pm]

[ mood | happy ]

Okay, here is a first draft of a short story I wrote that really sucks. The assignment was to write a story that was 95% dialogue. So, yeah, help me make it... not suck.

Plan MortemCollapse )

Feedback please =)

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random poem [19 Nov 2005|09:52pm]

I found this poem a while ago while randomly browsing around. it's really short so uh...I guess I won't bother with an LJ cut unless it bothers people.

(I don't remember if it had a title)
by Danila Stoianova

On the marble terrace
pain climbed
on my grandmother's
broken leg
and sensed -
tomorrow the moon will be pink
in the spider web of morning clouds.
Then it knocked -
I let it in
to spend
its sleepless night
in me.
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yay! [19 Nov 2005|08:08pm]

[ mood | lazy ]

this is Penelope speaking.

livejournal community = very good idea. Anna, you are wonderful.

anyway, I should stop procrastinating and write my english essay now. blah. perhaps I'll post a poem later.

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Yay! Anna is the best! [18 Nov 2005|11:51pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Hey, this is Tania. I'm so excited that we have an LJ community because posting  on the website confused me... only because I'm dumb and didn't try hard enough to understand it. I hope everyone joins. I'll probably be posting a lot... or ... commenting. Anyways, I guess I'll post a poem. This one was one of the cookie poems I wrote for the bake sale:

Having a bad day?
Did you forgot to shower?
Eat a cookie quick.
It'll make you smell like a flower.

...Yeah.. Maybe I should post the cliche-free love letter we were supposed to write for CWC today. ...Later.

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WELCOME! [18 Nov 2005|11:17pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Welcome to the LiveJournal community for the Creative Writing Club of Rocky Hill High School. Please see the user information and guidelines. This community is maintained by scabooter. Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

If you don't already have a LiveJournal, this is an excellent reason to make one. It's fast, fun, customizable (this is a layout I made featuring Jack Kerouac), and free!

Let's get writing!

+ If you want your favorite writer listed under interests in the user information, please contact scabooter

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