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We absolutely must begin planning our Coffee House ASAP if we want it to happen.

Do Josh and Penelope read this?

Does anyone know if we're still collaborating with Tri-M?

Personally, I think the event would be much more successful if we did, since then people interested in both music and writing will be attending, as opposed to just writing (and you know the groupies those Tri-M bands can pull).

The most important thing in making this event a success is the ability to offer someone to everyone who attends. Coffee Houses have gotten a bad rap for being gloom fests where angsty teens and outcasts read their bad poetry. As much as we all love angsty teens, the rest of the school doesn't. If we opened up the event to bands, dancers, people with unique talents, etc., the show would be much more interesting.

At the next meeting I am going to bring up the issue of setting a date and the possible Tri-M merger. Until then, brainstorm?

Once the issue of the date is settled, I think we should advertise advance sign-ups (for bands and performers, maybe via an informational meeting about Coffee House?). If we have a time limit it would be unfair to encourage bands to show up, only to have them not have enough time to play. Conversely, if a lot of people show up and no one volunteers to go on stage and perform, people will be bored and the Coffee House rap will be further tarnished.

After that it is going to be imperative that we have outstanding publicity. I'm strongly encouraging anyone who reads this to contribute to the publicity effort. Spread the word about the Coffee House by mouth, or help us to make posters.

Okay, I've Hitler-ed this post. I know that I, along with the upperclassmen, really want to have a Coffee House, but support is totally lacking. This is your club, guys, and this is a chance for you to do something constructive for it and help it gain school support. We also desperately need faculty support (AKA Weedling Mrs. Fagan (and Ms. Burnett?).

Let's seriously get to work?
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