Markle Sparkle (markymarkstyle) wrote in rhhscwc,
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This is just a song I wrote about my ex. It's got some rough edges and I'm willing to change it. Any suggestions?

Cold winds blow the days before Christmas
Who could have known they'd bring me you?
So I'd race in eight minutes those eleven point two three miles
just so I could see you again.

This won't be a sad song about how much I miss you
or bitter and hateful and how it tasted like shit when I kissed you
So I'm ending this all with the best of intentions
and letting you know of your small chance for redemption.

And your friends say that you've got your emotional baggage
well I've got both arms free and empty
to carry it all the way up to my room
and there we can sit and unpack.

Now I'm over you, boy that was fast
I knew nothing that good could ever last
So now I can leave with just a little bit of class
all while life bends me over and kicks my ass.
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