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Wow is this place ever dead... Well, I figured I'd post one of my more interesting short stories on here... Inspired by my brothers best friend kinda haha. He tells my brother he doesn't like me, but he tells me he does. I love guys like that. So here it goes:

Her heart was torn in two. A mysterious thing, love that is. No matter how many times you say it, it might never be true. Who could have ever known, that the biggest lie anybody could tell, the most disgusting swear word you could ever say, are the words "I, Love, and You." Stringed together in a sentence, a bound devotion between two people. A pledge to give yourself to another, for which they may do with whatever they please. The boy who she had thought to be the love of her life, the same boy she had spent years trying to grab the attention of, had left her in a heartbeat. What she had thought a gift had turned out to be an omen, and so she cried... She cried.

Isn't that sad??? I thought so.... Oh well... Chims!

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