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The Rocky Hill High School Creative Writing Club

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[12 Feb 2007|04:38pm]

Hey, it's Tania.

I'm just letting anyone in CWC who reads this to know that there's a meeting tomorrow (Tuesday Feb 13) in room 105 (mr. brown's room in the basement.) We need to discuss who is going to do what for the coffeehouse. I will destroy the soul of whomever does not show up. For serious. Spread it.
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[03 Jan 2007|05:15pm]

Ok... Isn't it sad that none of us have posted since Sept?

I certainly think so. Hmph.

So I'll post ^_^


Perfect sculpted lips and beautiful eyes,
An artist's masterpeice, that is no lie,
Untouchably gorgeous in every way,
And yet she chooses to be gay,
Her mother is convinced it's teenage rebellion,
But the girl cannot change who she is,
An unaccepting family,
Who discards her completely.

Eh... It's not yet done... And it's not perfect... And I hate some of the stuff. lol. I'll change it eventually, but that's it for now. ^_^
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[01 Sep 2006|12:55pm]

Hey Creative Writing kids. This is Anna. I have a bit of sad news.

As most of you know, I really enjoy writing. I write for pleasure multiple times a day and I have been attending the Greater Hartford Academy of the Arts as a Creative Writing major for the duration of my high school career. This summer I also attended the Center for Creative Youth, a five-week residential arts program in which I studied writing intensively. Because of my love for writing, it brings me great sadness to say that I will not be able to co-preside over Creative Writing Club with Tania this year, nor will I be able to be a member.

A fantastic opportunity has come up for me. My department chair at the Academy has arranged for me to take my required workshop at Trinity College with a professor and creative writers attending Trinity, all free of cost. The drawback is that the course is going on during the same time that CWC is.

It would be just plain stupid of me to pass up a chance like this, though it hurts me greatly to have to leave Creative Writing Club behind. I hope you all know how happy being part of this group has made me and how much I was looking forward to us growing together as writers in the 06-07 school year.

I wish you all the best of luck with your writing. Please, still feel free to contact me. I would love to read your work.

Be good for Tania!

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Story [27 Jul 2006|12:15pm]

[ mood | depressed ]

Wow is this place ever dead... Well, I figured I'd post one of my more interesting short stories on here... Inspired by my brothers best friend kinda haha. He tells my brother he doesn't like me, but he tells me he does. I love guys like that. So here it goes:

Her heart was torn in two. A mysterious thing, love that is. No matter how many times you say it, it might never be true. Who could have ever known, that the biggest lie anybody could tell, the most disgusting swear word you could ever say, are the words "I, Love, and You." Stringed together in a sentence, a bound devotion between two people. A pledge to give yourself to another, for which they may do with whatever they please. The boy who she had thought to be the love of her life, the same boy she had spent years trying to grab the attention of, had left her in a heartbeat. What she had thought a gift had turned out to be an omen, and so she cried... She cried.

Isn't that sad??? I thought so.... Oh well... Chims!


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Aww summer doesn't mean it has to end [12 Jul 2006|11:39pm]
All of a sudden school is over and we're not posting??


I made a poem..and this following year, we HAVE to get that magazine out or we're seriously in big trouble I'd say

(this was dedicated to a counselor- I took the name out though just in case they would mind)

I guess I'd call it "Thanks" from me :)

I tried for hours to just sit down and write
And I sat there just thinking for half of the night
I tried to write words to describe my best friend
But nothing seemed worthy for me to then send
I wrote the word “loving” and scribbled it out
Because although it applied, I seemed smothered in doubt
I jotted down “genuine,” “compassion” and “kind”
But even those couldn’t suffice even when they combined
I attempted to brainstorm yet all I expressed
Was a ramble of words that just proved I was blessed
To be in the great company of this wonderful person
So of course my attempts to describe would just worsen.
All I could do was set into frustration
Because nothing I wrote was good compensation
I wished I was Shakespeare but that wouldn’t do
Because even that genius would fail next to you
I took a break then because I fell asleep
Since describing this person was such a hard feat
While I slept I continued to list words in dreams
And still then I couldn’t because as it seems
The task of preparing to show how I feel
Is impossible to do and I noticed, unreal
Every word I could find, every phrase was pathetic
And there I sat trying to be deep and poetic
I mean what was I thinking- the fact simply exists
That description is petty when I reminisce
Because people like her, there aren’t a great many
(Well actually really I can’t think of any)
All my suggestions and well-thought-out tries
Just led me to nowhere and so now I surmise
That I really can’t do it; it just doesn’t work
To describe you in words will just drive one berserk
And then finally I got it and cried out in joy
That even if I were brilliant any words I’d deploy
Would never be fit to describe such as you
So nothing I ever did would be enough to construe
How much I would give you, a gazillion and more
But alas even that wouldn’t work and that’s for
The following note: that for you it’s absurd
To even start to describe you in any one word
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REMINDER [08 Jun 2006|11:55am]

[ mood | awake ]

Tomorrow-- Friday, June 9th, is the clast Creative Writing Club meeting of the year.

Everyone come. From what I hear there will be some baked goods. If you want to write something to the seniors, you are encouraged to do so.

k. so yeah. do it.

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pictures [30 May 2006|06:34am]

does any one happen to have pictures from coffee house? if so, would you mind uploading them and sharing them here? that would be cool.
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Time for crappy poetry. [27 May 2006|10:11am]

[ mood | calm ]

So, a lot has changed since I last posted in here. I have almost graduated and I feel like I was just getting into a really nice groove in my life. So here is a poem I wrote last night for fun.

Return To Base Camp

Maybe if I could stay
for just a little while longer
time would stand still,
I could hold on to this feeling,
and I'd become the epitome of stagnation.

It's supposed to be us growing up
It's supposed to be us moving on
and it's supposed to be a step
in the right direction.

From long distance relationships
to growing apart
to falling in and out of love
to making new friends
and to finally knowing.

So here's to the inexorable nights
of smoking and drinking
that I'll spend sitting and dreaming
of my return to base camp.

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Coffee House/ Stupidity [19 May 2006|08:20pm]

[ mood | awake ]

Yay for Coffee House! I think Kayte and I are going to sing Aly and Aj's RUSH.... teehee. Anyway, even funnier is, in English today Ms. Devine asked us to write where we think we'll be in 4 years. I'm going to quote myself:

"In four years..... Well if I'm not watching my friends graduate then I'll be with them... But we can only hope! I also think I may stalk Josh B. Because everybody and their brother knows that he is the coolest thing since sliced bread. Yay Josh!"

That is so undeniably amusing.....


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INFORMATIONAL MEETING MAY 5TH. [26 Apr 2006|10:05pm]


Feel free to contact any of the upperclassmen with questions. All members should be present on May 5th to discuss the Coffee House in greater detail.

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Days dawnin' [25 Apr 2006|10:57pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

For the Academy, I was asked to write a poem inspired by The Physics of Transmigration, a Pulitzer-nominated collection of love poems written by one of my teachers. In case you have never tried to write one, love poems are the absolute hardest to write, because they've been written so much throughout the course of history that it's near impossible to come away not sounding cliche. I wrote two poems, and I would much appreciate your feedback. Thankies!

love poem i (the disease)
i wish i could erase you,
blur the edges,
pull hair away by the fistful
and let it go into the wind.
i would wash your old t-shirts,
and rid them of your smell,
use them to wash my windows
or sop up dog pee
instead of ruining a towel.

but somehow i always come back to this place,
your blue eyes probing into me from a photograph
stashed between my books.
i even tried to convince myself that i could hide you there,
that my fingers would forget to grasp for you in the little crack
when they grow weary of air
and prefer the familiarity of a flat and lifeless gaze.

love poem ii (brown)
november brown, the same color as your hair,
the color of us meeting,
when you made fun of my small hands
and secret love of nineties pop
that i confessed once i grew to trust you.

i tried not to think of you
as i walked home from the bus stop,
or bought chewing gum at the drug store,
or heard your favorite band on the radio,
as unlikely as that was, with their being obscure.

it disappointed me to learn to feel.

somehow, i'd half expected to be above romance,
never thought myself of a victim of words falling out awkwardly,
or eyes i had to keep averted to quiet the brightness.

and though i wished it otherwise,
i'm glad that you were the first person whose image kept me awake at night,
turning in my sheets
as it loomed in the inches above me like a haunting.

Forgive me for going e.e. cummings with the lowercase letters. I felt sort of goofy capitalizing the "I's" in poems like these.

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neat site [23 Apr 2006|02:30pm]

hello there everyone,
thought some of you might be interested in this site (bibliophil.org)

you can create your own "library"
i.e. a list of books you have read, complete with your own ratings and reviews
you can also list books you would like to read, books you own but have not read, etc.

read other people's reviews, get personalized reading recommendations, etc.

if you join, feel free to add me as a buddy. my username is plumdelicious.
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Intro [18 Apr 2006|08:35am]

[ mood | weird ]

Hey guys, Anna told me to come here, so I did. This is Lexie. Weird freshchick with crazy ideas.

Just thought I get back on Live journal, like before. So uh... Yeah. It's me. Hi!!!!

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Oy [08 Apr 2006|10:33am]
You guys I think I may have Ms. Fagan for a day..
Josh was so funny when he said all the stuff about teacher at your service and convinced me to put down 15 dollars for Ms. Devine/Fagan.
If no one bids on her, then I've got Ms. Devine for a day. People might bid on her, but if not then I'm actually it which is a little frightening because I didn't actually expect anything but it would be kind of funny. I don't know..if they do and I find a spare ten bucks I will but otherwise I'm stuck. If it does play out,
erin said to make her talk in an english accent the whole day and cite romeo and juliet to mr. fagan..
I would, but if I were her I honestly don't think I'd like to be forced into doing that, plus it could be an invasion of privacy..so no.

Okay..if you were an english teacher (ms. devine fagan) what would be something that you'd have always wanted to do, but would need a really good excuse in order to do so?
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COFFEE HOUSE CONCERNS [02 Apr 2006|07:25pm]


We absolutely must begin planning our Coffee House ASAP if we want it to happen.

Do Josh and Penelope read this?

Does anyone know if we're still collaborating with Tri-M?

Personally, I think the event would be much more successful if we did, since then people interested in both music and writing will be attending, as opposed to just writing (and you know the groupies those Tri-M bands can pull).

The most important thing in making this event a success is the ability to offer someone to everyone who attends. Coffee Houses have gotten a bad rap for being gloom fests where angsty teens and outcasts read their bad poetry. As much as we all love angsty teens, the rest of the school doesn't. If we opened up the event to bands, dancers, people with unique talents, etc., the show would be much more interesting.

At the next meeting I am going to bring up the issue of setting a date and the possible Tri-M merger. Until then, brainstorm?

Once the issue of the date is settled, I think we should advertise advance sign-ups (for bands and performers, maybe via an informational meeting about Coffee House?). If we have a time limit it would be unfair to encourage bands to show up, only to have them not have enough time to play. Conversely, if a lot of people show up and no one volunteers to go on stage and perform, people will be bored and the Coffee House rap will be further tarnished.

After that it is going to be imperative that we have outstanding publicity. I'm strongly encouraging anyone who reads this to contribute to the publicity effort. Spread the word about the Coffee House by mouth, or help us to make posters.

Okay, I've Hitler-ed this post. I know that I, along with the upperclassmen, really want to have a Coffee House, but support is totally lacking. This is your club, guys, and this is a chance for you to do something constructive for it and help it gain school support. We also desperately need faculty support (AKA Weedling Mrs. Fagan (and Ms. Burnett?).

Let's seriously get to work?
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[25 Mar 2006|02:11pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

This is just a song I wrote about my ex. It's got some rough edges and I'm willing to change it. Any suggestions?

Cold winds blow the days before Christmas
Who could have known they'd bring me you?
So I'd race in eight minutes those eleven point two three miles
just so I could see you again.

This won't be a sad song about how much I miss you
or bitter and hateful and how it tasted like shit when I kissed you
So I'm ending this all with the best of intentions
and letting you know of your small chance for redemption.

And your friends say that you've got your emotional baggage
well I've got both arms free and empty
to carry it all the way up to my room
and there we can sit and unpack.

Now I'm over you, boy that was fast
I knew nothing that good could ever last
So now I can leave with just a little bit of class
all while life bends me over and kicks my ass.

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Yay for nelly pie and annala for recruiting people! [10 Feb 2006|10:58pm]

I'm really glad that people have joined the community, but I feel bad that I haven't posted anything yet and I know I probably won't until everything is perfected because I'm shy about it like that. ...So I thought I should post just to let you know that I'm reading what people wrote and I don't comment sometimes because I can't critique for my life.
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[02 Feb 2006|12:10pm]
Here's a question..
Who's that green guy on the right??
A bit random I know, but I mean he's been standing there this whole time and well I have no idea. Was that automatic or something?
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ATTENTION! [27 Jan 2006|06:53pm]


Any current student of Rocky Hill High School who would like a piece of original literary work to be included into the '05-'06 Literary Sampler, all submissions are due to Penelope before February break. Please submit. Inclusion in the Sampler is a virtual guarantee.

And just so I'm not *totally* off topic, here's a poem
by Hayden Carruth
The great poems of
our elders in many
tongues we struggled

to comprehend who
are now content with
mystery simple

and profound you
in the night your
breath your body

orbit of time and
the moment you
Phosphorus and

Hesper a dark circle
of fertility so
bloodthirsty for us

you in the world
the night breathing
asleep and alive.

All new members to the community are encouraged to introduce themselves. And, of course, everyone is encouraged to post.
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Midterms [12 Jan 2006|09:30pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

This really isn't supposed to be anything..but it's going to be fun to make. I'm totally just making this up and as I type this, and the following does not exist yet until I start typing it right now.

Midterms, midterms.
oh golly gosh they are midterms.
the terms of mid year..

I got nothin.

....and I blame midterms.

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