Christine (ti_doublegah_er) wrote in rhhscwc,

Aww summer doesn't mean it has to end

All of a sudden school is over and we're not posting??


I made a poem..and this following year, we HAVE to get that magazine out or we're seriously in big trouble I'd say

(this was dedicated to a counselor- I took the name out though just in case they would mind)

I guess I'd call it "Thanks" from me :)

I tried for hours to just sit down and write
And I sat there just thinking for half of the night
I tried to write words to describe my best friend
But nothing seemed worthy for me to then send
I wrote the word “loving” and scribbled it out
Because although it applied, I seemed smothered in doubt
I jotted down “genuine,” “compassion” and “kind”
But even those couldn’t suffice even when they combined
I attempted to brainstorm yet all I expressed
Was a ramble of words that just proved I was blessed
To be in the great company of this wonderful person
So of course my attempts to describe would just worsen.
All I could do was set into frustration
Because nothing I wrote was good compensation
I wished I was Shakespeare but that wouldn’t do
Because even that genius would fail next to you
I took a break then because I fell asleep
Since describing this person was such a hard feat
While I slept I continued to list words in dreams
And still then I couldn’t because as it seems
The task of preparing to show how I feel
Is impossible to do and I noticed, unreal
Every word I could find, every phrase was pathetic
And there I sat trying to be deep and poetic
I mean what was I thinking- the fact simply exists
That description is petty when I reminisce
Because people like her, there aren’t a great many
(Well actually really I can’t think of any)
All my suggestions and well-thought-out tries
Just led me to nowhere and so now I surmise
That I really can’t do it; it just doesn’t work
To describe you in words will just drive one berserk
And then finally I got it and cried out in joy
That even if I were brilliant any words I’d deploy
Would never be fit to describe such as you
So nothing I ever did would be enough to construe
How much I would give you, a gazillion and more
But alas even that wouldn’t work and that’s for
The following note: that for you it’s absurd
To even start to describe you in any one word
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